Here are tips that will help you have an easy time in future mobile phone contract deals

  1. Be more realistic when selecting a contract. Don’t run for one that requires high monthly payment when you have a bad credit standing and are at the same time struggling financially. This will make it easier for the lender to decline your application.

  2. Strive to meet your bill payments on time. Failure to do so results in your listing as a defaulter thus making it hard for you to score credit deals.

  3. Stay up to date with your credit report. This will help you avert avoidable instances that would have led you to having a questionable credit report.

  4. When you have a bad credit, look for instances that will help you improve your credit score. Take up small purchases using your credit card and pay them up in a timely manner. You can also take up the SIM only contracts which are low in cost and pay them up to repair your history.

  5. Stay away from contracts that come with free gifts. Do not forget that you will somehow have to pay for these gifts. They are not really free. This in event makes your contract costly and you may run into trouble paying for the contract.

  6. Whenever possible, consider options that offer no credit checks. These though expensive help you not to put further damage to your already poor credit reputation.

  7. Pay as you go contracts are great options for you especially when you have a poor credit record.

  8. Be prepared to make a down payment for the credit deal you want to take up. This makes the lender more agreeable for you to take the credit the reason being that the risk is reduced.

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About DSDA Phones

DSDA Phones is a guaranteed phone contract provider based in the UK. The DSDN Phones managing director started up this company with the aim of ensuring that all in the UK are in a position to access a mobile phone of their choice at any time. At a time when many are battling against bad credit, we have created an opportunity that will allow all to access mobile phone contracts with ease.

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